the spice girls

Meet our spice girl Helien!

"The passion for exotic fruit and vegetables started in the early years of 2000. After selling tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers, I realized I wanted to establish something more. I wanted to stand out of the crowd, be creative, special, unique. My customers triggered me to develop a complete new Asian fruit & vegetable assortment. 

I travelled a lot. I visited suppliers in China, Thailand and Malaysia and started to import exotics. I saw the risks of growing in China and slowly we started to produce the products in The Netherlands and Europe. Focus on Food safety was one of my main concerns during the path of my big goal to develop the products for the European retailers. My passion and determination were the keys to the future of retail products."


Meet our exotic girl Sanne!

"What could be more fun than to discover and taste a new fruit or vegetable? Beautiful products with special colors, structures and flavors. Straight from nature! I am bursting with ideas to convert exotic fruit and vegetables into colorful concepts that are accessible to consumers. We start with a goal: informing consumers. When you get into the skin of the consumer, you immediately see that one of the most important aspects of bringing new products to the market is that a consumer knows how to use the product. We have everything available to develop inspiring recipes, instructions and packaging. We lead consumers the way to new, exotic experiences. And we are always looking for new travel companions!"